Corporate Responsibility

Doing the right thing...

At AEJIS we believe in making a positive contribution to the society in which we operate – giving something back to benefit those in our community who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We place a premium on doing the right thing, which is why corporate responsibility (CR) is very important to us.

In comparison with other companies who place CR at the core of their organisation’s cultural values and ethical stance, we are comparatively small in number, but that has never stopped us having a big heart and ‘doing our bit’.

Just For Kic@x

In simple terms, corporate responsibility is part of our DNA which goes some way to explaining how and why we succeeded in creating our own registered charity - Just for KIC@X (Just for Kids in Care at Christmas). Visit us at

AEJIS Sales Director Iain Evans is the founder and inspiration behind Just for KIC@X and he explained the thinking behind the relatively new, but most deserving cause.

“Every year we try to raise as much money as possible to be able to buy Christmas presents for kids who would otherwise not receive anything on Christmas morning. These are children who are between care and foster homes or living in poverty. They’re already feeling unloved or uncared for, but how bad can it get if a child is ignored on Christmas Day of all days?”

In 2013 Just for KIC@X raised £10,000 to ensure 500 children received a Christmas present at an average cost of £20.

Working in tandem with Social Services in the Manchester area, the gifts symbolise beacons of hope for kids who feel detached from their families and friends.

“It’s all about putting something back into the community at a time of the year that most excites children.  As a parent myself, I would be horrified to think of any child feeling totally abandoned, especially on Christmas morning.”

The mainstay of last year’s fundraising effort was a 30-mile sponsored walk in freezing conditions from Holmfirth (the venue of the BBC’s vintage comedy series Last of the Summer Wine) to Cheadle Hulme.

Jokingly entitled the Last of the Summer Whine – to account for the moans and groans of the footsore and leg weary walkers, the event raised approximately £7,000.

Just for KIC@X received sterling support from – amongst others – bookmakers, Paddy Power, bathroom fixtures manufacturer, Twyfords and children’s toys retailer, Toys ‘R’ Us.

Charity Superheroes – Some of the Just for KIC@X walkers complete with their ‘lucky’ charity underwear on the outside of their trousers after their 30+ mile yomp over hill and dale.