Our Services

Product Sourcing

In business things change fast and often a new business opportunity presents itself at unexpected moments. AEJIS has a wide network of suppliers which means we can source packages for most events on an ad-hoc basis and at short notice. Our role at AEJIS is to take the responsibility for fulfilling your requirements enabling you to maximise your business opportunities.

Event Design

Effective event design is all about ensuring that you and your clients have a memorable experience which will live long in the memory. Ensuring that you have best possible experience within your budget is our aim. In the past 10 years our experienced Event Consultants have designed and subsequently managed events in Monaco, Moscow and New York to name but three destinations.

Event Management

Our dedicated team has managed every aspect of event management from booking flights, hotels, transfers and tickets to producing detailed itineraries for major sporting tournaments including the World Cup tournaments in South Africa and Germany. This enabled our clients to concentrate on maximising their sales and relationship building opportunities.

Legal & Financial

All Hospitality events are potentially affected by the 2011 Anti-Bribery Act. We can demonstrate to the authorities how our event design satisfies all the requirements of this Act, supported by Counsel’s opinion. In addition, our events are also designed to maximize compliance with UK Tax Laws with the assistance of our in-house Tax advisors. Indeed, we are happy to provide this team’s experience to our clients. If HMRC are targeting your business expenses ring Bob Evans 07771 885 885 for a free consultation.

Cancellation of, or disruption to, a Corporate event can be of major concern to our clients. We are pleased to be able to offer an introduction to Event Insurance Brokers for that extra peace of mind.

Budget Management

Many clients allocate annual budgets for Corporate events. AEJIS is happy to work with clients to identify their key objectives for a budget and design appropriate events. For example, we can analyse your client demographics and suggest suitable events that would maximise attendance, providing you with the best value for money.

By planning events well in advance, we can often negotiate the best available prices. Whilst we will ask for payment before the event takes place, all client funds are held in a dedicated bank account until events are paid for, providing security and peace of mind.

Going The Extra Mile...

We are able to provide our clients with unique services such as:

  • Sporting Celebrity Appearances
  • Guest Tipsters
  • Client Branded Itineraries / Invitations
  • Entertainment / Guest Speakers
  • VIP Travel / Transportation
  • Venue Sourcing